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Honda Valkyrie

Honda Valkyrie

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2015 Honda Valkyrie



Superb Engineering & Design

There are few vehicles on the road as "mean & fast" looking as the CSC Valkyrie Trike conversion. A wonderful merger of beauty and brawn, this kit, with its tough, stylish looks and throaty exhaust, will get everyone's attention.
(Designed to accommodate a Corbin solo saddle; must be ordered separately.)


Disc Brake System

Introduced in 1998, our revolutionary three-disc braking system surpasses all others in efficiency and safety. Consider the challenge: With the OEM brake system, the hand brake operates the right front caliper and the foot brake operates the left front caliper AND rear wheel caliper. This is fine for two wheels, but not three and here's why. If an emergency braking situation aries while cornering, and a wheel lifts, the natural inclination is to hit the foot brake. This could cause a three-wheeled vehicle to flip because of the left front caliper being activated. With the California Sidecar Trike system, the foot brake operates only the dual rear calipers, while the hand brake, with a newly modified master cylinder, operates both front calipers. The net result is a significant reduction in stopping distance, easier maintenance, and greater peace of mind.

Three Point Suspension

A trike has suspension problems no one ever thought of before, because when you take a moving weight and suspend it at three points, the world of rolling dynamics changes dramatically. In 1995, California Sidecar Trike introduced the concept of a fixed three point suspension system featuring two high-performance Progressive Suspension shocks.

Several features of the Progressive shock make it uniquely well suited for the California Sidecar Trike application. The Progressive shock spring is a true progressive rate spring that eliminates the constant minor road bumps while also handling the really big ones. Additionally, the shock is gas charged, meaning high pressure nitrogen gas forces oil in place of air bled out of the shock cavity. This eliminates shock fade caused by residual air bubbles, especially when cornering, the most critical maneuver with any three-wheeled vehicle. Finally, the shock has sophisticated multi-stage automatic damping with a five position preload adjustable cam. We've also incorporated the OEM air shock, allowing you to fine tune the ride for varying load and road conditions. The result is a California Sidecar Trike suspension that leaves the competition in the dust!

In-line Driveshaft

The bottom line - the California Sidecar Trike uses an in-line drive shaft.

One of the most critical components on a solid-axle suspension, the driveline experiences more wear forces, and transfers more vibration energy, than any other component of a trike. If a drive shaft is spun in an axis that is not perpendicular to its power source, the spinning ends will try to spin in an elliptical or oval pattern rather than in a perfectly round circle. The rear end, axles, and wheels all work in unison to restrain the unstable drive shaft. The result is vibration, which causes undue wear and tear on the universal joints as well as discomfort and pilot fatigue. At California Sidecar Trike, we modify the rear end to acccomodate an in-line driveshaft. It is the only proper way to build a solid axle suspension vehicle that will safely perform to the high standards of California Sidecar.

Internal Swing Arm

Another major contribution to the trike industry, our Internal Swing Arm has set a benchmark that few manufacturers have been able to equal. Aside from the obvious good looks of the trike, the ride comfort and stability is improved dramatically.

Rear End

We use a remanufactured 8" Ford Mustang rear end that is built with new axles, bearings and seals. The rear end is shortened to achieve an offset differential and the axles are cut and re-splined, NOT re-welded. The 3.00 gear ratio is the optimum choice for fuel economy and performance.

Wheels and Tires

Aluminum rims are made exclusively for California Sidecar Trike. The "Hammer Style", chrome plated aluminum wheels are mounted and balanced with P205/70R14 All Season radial tires, designed for safe riding in all weather conditions. Chrome wheels are available as an option.

Trunk Storage

Spacious 3.6 cubic feet of trunk space is more than the equivalent of two GL1500 saddelbags. The trunk opens with the existing saddlebag levers, eliminating the need for unsightly handles on the trunk lid. Automotive quality carpet kit to protect your gear is available as an option.

Superior Quality Finish

The finest finish in the business. In-house fiberglass and paint departments insure the highest degree of quality control. Our color match capability is unsurpassed. Trike bodies are painted using top of the line urethane paints and clears, with a 2-3 part paint process and 3 clear coats. Bodies are wet sanded and then polished in a two-step process to achieve an exquisite paint finish.

Bolt-on Installation

All California Sidecar Trike conversions are completely bolt-on kits. No welding required.


3 year/50,000 mile limited warranty includes parts and labor on material and workmanship defects. Inquire with an Authorized Dealer or California Sidecar for specific terms of the warranty.

*Advertised pricing excludes applicable taxes, title and licensing, dealer set up, destination from factory to dealer or reconditioning and are subject to change without notice. Pricing may exclude any added parts, accessories or installation unless otherwise noted. Sale prices include all applicable offers. Some financing options can affect price in lieu of any rebates Contact dealer for details.